by Severed Fate

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released July 28, 2013

Severed Fate is:

Benny – Vocals
Kez – Guitars
Carlos – Bass
Al – Drums

Guest vocals on track 7 by Sharleen Kennedy of Incassum courtesy of Rocksector Records.

Guitars on track 11 and additional guitars on track 2 and 12 performed by Al.

All music written by Graham Keighery and Alan Cox. All lyrics written by Ben Norris.

Engineered, recorded, mixed and produced by Alan Cox @ SunnySide Studios, Manchester, UK.

Vocals engineered, recorded and produced by Chris Taylor @ Noiseboy Studios, Manchester, UK.

Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella @ New Alliance East, MA, USA.

Photography, art concept, image manipulation and design by Alan Cox and Suzy Imlay.

© All rights reserved



all rights reserved


Severed Fate Manchester, UK

Severed Fate is a four-piece metal band based in Manchester, England whose current line-up formed in 2010.

Their aim is to create heavy and equally ambient accessible music that whether fast or slow, brutal or melodic, or anything in between, evokes strong emotions and enjoyment for the listener and themselves.
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Track Name: 8Ball
Depending on the high, I need everything right, take this fragile mind, and blow it out of sight. Just one more hit and I’ll be away from this hellhole. Dilated pupils and a mind that has been forced numb. I’ll shed the skin of life, f*ck it all away. Send the pain bellow for when I need it, hard lines are being blurred. I've lost my mind, it’s been mistreated. White spaced lines will find a new curse. I am alone and I’ve grown numb.
Track Name: Blind To Faith
From the voice of the world, to the ears of heaven, stop hiding away, and solve all our problems. I am the world of the father; I am the hell that dwells within. Tomorrow you’ll be a martyr, today I’ll create sin. Stop them, stop them from dying. Heal them, keep them from breathing. Feed me, tell me your knowledge, I ask more of you. As we lie, we hurt ourselves. Can we try and create our hell? Raise your hands and look up to the sky, open your lips and swear that you’re blind. Blind to what your hate has conceived, blind to this world that’s created by greed.
Track Name: Suicide Booth
Cold at heart. I welcome you all, the dead and the cold, to share what is true, to help get you through. I once had these scars, but shoved them away. The pain of the truth, unwanted to stay. Coldness it drives throughout me. You are my flaw the hatred I breathe. Please go on and take care, don’t tread hard on what I have made. This is my only solution, cut deep and keep it streaming. This is my resolution, prepare for my heart’s bleeding. Coldness it drives throughout me, you are my flaw, the hatred I breathe. I’m focused, I’m driven and not what you expect. I see everything, all the lies and regret. I’m open to needs, that's why I am discluded. My worst enemy I’m the hell that’s been chosen. I hate my life, but I’ll hate everyone else more. Can’t you stop lying? Please free me. Can't you stop trying, to hurt me? You asked for the reason, to need me. I’m sick of this silence I’m sick of deceit. I’m sick of this f*cking hole. Coldness it drives throughout me. You are my flaw the hatred I breathe. Sever your f*cking fate.
Track Name: Grounds for Death
All is lost not found, their bodies have been torn. The grievers remain cold, while our forgiveness has been sold. The dead have gone. Speak out the spoken. Bow to your knees. Hell is amongst us. This is what we believe. I am a witness, to spite and greed. I am a victor; this is what heaven will believe. Hold on, the dead have gone. The dead are forgotten, by your black smoked eyes. Trying to reach you, while earning a life. Forgive yourselves for, teaching us all, that knowledge is hatred, and hate we must call. When will you breakdown and when will you grieve? The past has torn us now we pray for our needs. With hopeless greed, we asked you why. Hide my thoughts and rest on the tide. We bury our needs and blame our lives. My hate will stand but I will live from pride. On and on and on I’ll breathe, more and more and more I’ll see. The lost are a part of me, see me leave.
Track Name: Join The Massacre
Is this all you have to offer me? Is this all you are in this world? Just a c*nt looking for sympathy, just another c*nt to this world. F*ck you and all your enemies, thinking that you’re someone to fear. If I had more friends like these then my choice of hell would become clear. Hold on, just one minute please, why do you complain or shed a tear? Every single minute you breathe you waste it all on the spite for the driven. Rip it off, clean the cloth. Your blood it stains but not for long. Just sit at your desk and soak up the constant pain in your spine. Are you one in a million or just following what's left? Rip it off, clean the cloth. Your blood it stains but not for long. Fake, you are a f*cking fake. Hate is now your enemy. You are a f*cking fake.
Track Name: Broke
Breakdown the hearts of the useless, destroy my victory. I will not bow down at your feet. It must be done, cut off the weak limbs from this body. It must be done, show me your face and I’ll show you disgrace. You’ve pushed your way through life, stepping on toes and shredding the skin of this black soul. We are the fallen and we take pride. It must be done, kill all the weak. Rip out their eyes, hate and despise. I will not follow your lies. We will stand, fight for our lives. I will not become a victim of you now. I will stand willing to die, not before I drain you of your pitiful life. Breathe it in, your last breath of hope. My mislead dying trust was in vain. You're guilty, you're red-faced, you're broken. You're guilty of, your red-faced lies; your broken hope has brought them to life. We are the strong now count your masses.
Track Name: Our Beloved Child
My god I can’t take this, frustration and broken lies. My god I can't take this, broken hope for the last time. God of the weak hearted, set me free and close my eyes. Souls of the discarded, open up these shallow minds. Breathe in this sickness, soak up my anger. Every single day I think of this anguish. Every single day I disgrace myself. All I do is drain these thoughts away. I am a pathetic disease. Feeding deeper on life’s intent, my thoughts will hide, your pride will vent. Sacrifice my goals and forget my own mind. Send the pain below for when I need it. Help me I think I’m falling. I am a pathetic disease. Suffocating all we have, I’ll find my own peace and take me home. I’ve suffocated all I’ve known; I’ve shed the hearts of all the clones.
Track Name: Life Amongst The Ruins
Open up your heart. Reach out to someone. You are not judged. Deep down inside you, your hopes are not wasted. Deliver this, a message to all, this world’s crying out for forgiveness and hope. Remember this, stand up tall, set an example for what has been spoke. The lost will not break you; they’ll try all they can. Your actions will steer true, a new hope for man. A new heart a fresh start. A proud man will burn out his life. A strong man holds pride in his hands. The cynics hold what you call dear, salvation, be open to fear. Forgiveness is living without being bitter. Forgetting your past life and forgetting your own crimes. A new heart a fresh start. Grieve no more, ignore the world, forget their thoughts, reject their flaws. Forgiveness is living without being bitter. Forgetting your past life and forgetting your own crimes. We’re hopeless in sorrow, we’re hopeless in anger. A new heart a fresh start. My aggression is reaction to what you have done, for the lies that were told when hate begun. Your sick hateful ways have tortured us all, deceit has broken, our pride falls. You spoke of broken lies and hurt every day, your own fear and you’ll show your ways. No longer do I pity your smoked black eyes. I will haunt and abuse your dreams every night. You’re alive.
Track Name: Violence Emitted
Forgive yourself for the blood you have shed. Forgive yourself for now being alone. React to all of the lies you have told. Preaching your bullshit and spreading your dirt. I’ll stand, a victim of self-harm. You’ll fall - a betrayer of trust. Forgive the world for not understanding. Punish the souls who can't take control. Violence emitted. Destroy hope as it was to blame. A brutal illusion, my minds new game. Causing this panic will haunt you all. I don't know what’s real; there is no hope to call. Violence emitted. I'd kill and kill; I’ll kill for it any day. Help me I'm in hell. Your lies are beneath me. I'd greave and feed, I'd bleed for it any day. Pray for all your souls. Your lies are beneath me. You've tortured my world. There's no hope for hell. The past has been sold. A crime for every lie. Your lies are beneath me, they’re gone. Beneath me, you’ll stand. Forever, I’ll understand. That you promised much more. From now on, my trust has gone.